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The S5 Reservation module allows you to take quick inquires from users on your site. Its simply a beefed up email/contact form. You can setup articles for different packages or items you have available for your industry and then the module will pull from any article category that you define in the backend and show in the drop down of the module. For this months design we edited and removed some fields and the language file to better fit a salon or spa style website. The module also has several input fields that are required for the user to fill out in order to submit and if they aren't filled in they will be prompted and forced to enter before submission. The module uses a sleek AJAX captcha that shows at the end before you submit the inquiry, it simply pops up and once you verify by entering the 6 digits you can then send the inquiry.


Screenshot of the admin area of the module:

The module will pull from any Joomla article category that you specify. In the article you can add images as we have done in the below screenshot:

If you leave any of the fields blank besides the extra information text box you will be prompted as the following image shows before you an submit the form:

The user can enter a date from the popup calendars that appear once you click in the text boxes:

The captcha popup shows once you have filled out all other required fields on the module. As you can see from the below screenshot once the code is entered the module shows a checkmark (verifcation checked via AJAX) and the captcha popup simply disappears allowing you to then submit the form:

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